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Who Else Wants To Join Our Successful Regional Tax Firm?

Over the years we've noticed a trend of the kinds of people who seem to be best suited for working in our seasonal tax firm. If you are a HOMEMAKER, an EARLY RETIREE, in the middle of a CAREER CHANGE, or a MOONLIGHTING PROFESSIONAL, chances are very good you would be a great match for the opportunities available within our growing organization.

Many of our current professional staff are HOMEMAKERS who don't want to work year round. They like having their summers free to go on vacation and be with their kids. But once their kids are in school, Moms (and sometimes Dads) like to come and work in a professional environment during the day and have the freedom of a flexible schedule to be with their kids after school as well.

The EARLY RETIREES who work for us love the excitement of tax season, and "getting back in the action" in a professional business environment is a major reason they continue to come back year after year, even taking part in other ongoing tax education programs. (And heck, making some extra money doing something that's fun and exciting each tax season isn't that bad of a deal either!)

With the job market constantly changing these days, there are always some hard-working folks looking for a CAREER CHANGE, so preparing taxes for a "season" of time seems to work out well for a lot of people. They can find out if "taxes" or the tax industry is for them in a short period of time and then make the necessary adjustments to pursue or not pursue a new career in tax preparation.

And finally, the MOONLIGHTING PROFESSIONAL - the "jack-of-all-trades" - the person who can juggle many different jobs at different times throughout the year. In most cases, these folks are NOT as busy in January and February, so they can "pick up" and learn an additional way to make some extra money in the slower time of the year. You see, some of our best employees are very busy in other professions during the summer and all the way through the Christmas season. But once tax season comes around, they know they can get experience and learn a new "marketable skill" (see our different tax school options) to take them wherever they go - no matter where they live ... because you know as well as I do THE IRS WANTS EVERYONE TO FILE A TAX RETURN EACH YEAR!

What You Should Do Next...

Email us here to explain your interest in working for our company, and we will be glad to forward the info to the appropriate person. No matter what time of year it is, we always want to speak with people interested in a part- or full-time position in one of our seasonal tax offices.