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At PRO-TAX we know that life is full of tasks that you need to complete, and we bet filing your tax return doesn’t rank as one of your favorites. While we can’t wave a magic wand and cause taxes to go away, we definitely can make the process easier. We also may get you a larger refund than you would have received by trying to navigate the IRS regulations on your own. We offer a full-range of services to our clients. Check out what PRO-TAX offers:

  • FREE Electronic Filing With Paid Tax Preparation – If you pay us to prepare your tax return, we will e-file it with the IRS free of charge. Click here to learn more about e-file.
  • Refund Options – Do you want to pay your preparation fees “out-of-pocket?” At PRO-TAX, you have your preparation fees deducted directly from your refund when you chose a PRO-TAX Refund Transfer option. You have the choice of receiving your PRO-TAX Refund Transfer in the form a check or debit card. Click here to see all the options available to you when you visit PRO-TAX.
  • Support – We are open year-round to help insure you do not pay Uncle Sam money that belongs to you. If you receive a letter from the IRS, we are here to help respond. If you need copies of your tax return, we can print a copy or help you get a copy from the IRS if you were not our client for the year in question. You can find contact information for our offices by clicking here.
  • Drop Off Service – We know you are busy, so if you don’t have time to wait while we prepare your return, don’t worry, PRO-TAX has a solution. Just leave your documents with us. We will prepare the return within 24 hours once we have all the documents necessary to file it. Click here to learn more about our Drop-Off Service.
  • Guarantees – With PRO-TAX you always get our exclusive “IRS-Protected” Accuracy Guarantee at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Click here to learn more about our Guarantees.
  • PRO-TAX Challenge – If you filed your return with one of our competitors, we encourage you to bring it for our FREE professional return review that we call- The PRO-TAX Challenge. During this review, we typically find mistakes that when corrected will benefit the client. When you bring in your previously filed returns, we will give them a thorough review to see if we can find any money the IRS owes YOU! Click here for more info about our FREE PRO-TAX Challenge.
  • Amendments – If you forget to include income or expenses when you file your return do not worry, we can file an amended return (IRS Form 1040X), and get back what belongs to you – YOUR MONEY.
  • Articles – When Congress changes the tax code it affects you! As soon as the law changes we want to tell our clients how this will affect them, so they plan accordingly. We created an Articles page on our website where we will post about these Hot Topics. You can access our Articles page by clicking here.

Don’t miss out on the money the IRS owes you! Enlist PRO-TAX’s services to help you maximize your refund with the IRS.