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PRO-TAX’s Risk-Free Tax School 2013

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your interest in our 2013 Tax School. In the next few minutes you will learn how enrolling in our program can make it possible for anyone (with a desire to succeed) to become a professional tax preparer. All we ask is that you complete the course with a positive mental attitude, fully participate in the classroom discussions, and complete the assigned online homework/reviews. If you can do those three simple things…we promise to provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to become a professional tax preparer… and it’s all offered …RISK-FREE!

My name is John Going, Vice President of Operations at PRO-TAX, a regional tax firm with more than 20 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Our company, in business since 1973, prepares thousands of tax returns every year. We are always looking for qualified people who would like to learn a new professional skill or dramatically increase their current tax knowledge, and possibly join our rapidly-growing company.

We offer advanced tax training to our 300+ employees at PRO-TAX as part of our IRS-Approved continuing education program. But, we also have an excellent course available to the public that gives motivated people a great opportunity to learn tax preparation or increase their existing tax knowledge completely risk-free! After you graduate, you may want to use your new skills to earn substantial income during the filing season or begin a new career in the tax industry.

Demand Is Huge For Professional Tax Preparers!

Did you know the demand for professional tax preparers FAR outweighs the number of properly trained people? That’s why I’m letting you know about an incredible opportunity we have for you through our Tax School!

Why Should I Enroll In PRO-TAX’s IRS-Approved Tax School?

Good question! Since you asked for more information you obviously have some interest in learning about becoming a professional tax preparer and possibly becoming a part of the multi-billion dollar tax business.  The main reason to register in our IRS-Approved Tax School is because it’s a perfect initial step to reach any goals you may have in this industry.

See if any of the following goals apply to YOU! Do you want to…

  • Learn a professional skill that you can take ANYWHERE?
  • Begin a rewarding career with a family-focused company?
  • Expand your previous tax preparation knowledge?
  • Have an opportunity for a fun, part-time job with a flexible schedule?
  • Earn extra money during tax season?
  • Start a second career after retirement?
  • Have more job security and work opportunities?
  • Become a tax office manager…or even OWN a PRO-TAX office?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you would benefit from participating in our Tax School.

Do You Require Previous Tax Experience To Enroll In PRO-TAX’s Risk-Free Tax School?

No. We prefer students that have some familiarity with tax preparation, but it’s not a requirement. Even if you have zero experience with taxes, PRO-TAX will show you how to become a tax professional more quickly and at a lower cost than any other tax education option in America today!

Why Our Tax School Outshines The Rest

We realized early in the development of our Tax School that students really need a strong understanding of the fundamentals of tax preparation. So, we’ve taken the massive IRS tax code (which is estimated to be over 16,000 pages long!) and divided it into easy to understand lessons.

Although no course can cover all aspects of the Federal Income Tax Code in just thirteen weeks (twelve class sessions, skipping Thanksgiving week), you’ll learn and review every form and schedule associated with the filing an individual tax return. You will understand more of the intricacies of tax preparation as you gain experience and build on the foundation provided by our course. But rest assured that in just thirteen short weeks, if you pass our class, you will master the preparation of the vast majority of returns you will ever see in a retail office.

PRO-TAX’s Risk-Free Tax School focuses on “real world” tax preparation and giving you the best education on the IRS code available anywhere in the country at ANY COST! This allows you to immediately apply all of the skills we teach you, whether you come to work for us, or just learn to prepare your own taxes.

What About Those Tax Schools Offered By The National Brands?

I know there are other firms promoting similar-sounding tax schools but there are significant differences between our Tax School and their courses. At PRO-TAX, we recommend you ask the following questions before you enroll in ANY firm’s tax training program:

  • Must I sign a legally-binding “work commitment agreement” before I’m allowed to take the class? 
  • Are you just trying to sell me a franchise instead of teaching tax preparation?
  • Are your instructors properly trained? (most firms just give their teachers a manual without any guidance)
  • Does this class fully prepare me to become a tax professional?
  • Does this class qualify for Continuing Education Credit with the IRS?
  • Will we spend a lot of time on office procedures instead of tax training?
  • Do you offer a risk-free money-back guarantee?

When you enroll in our Tax School, we guarantee:

  • No binding agreements to sign
  • No pressure to buy anything
  • Experienced instructors who are up-to-date on all the latest tax laws
  • Our course fully prepares you to become a well-respected tax professional
  • After completing the course, you qualify for 15-hours of Continuing Education (CE) with the IRS
  • No time wasted on office procedures
  • Your enrollment fee is fully refundable for any reason

When Does Tax School Begin?

Classes start the week of September 23, 2013. The course lasts for thirteen weeks (taking off the week of Thanksgiving) with live review classes meeting only once per week. Each review class lasts for three hours and is fast-paced but designed to allow adequate time for the instructor to address all student questions.

New, Convenient Learning For 2013!

For 2013 we are offering a new, more-convenient method of learning.  We’ve combined the best of online and traditional classroom instruction.   Unlike other tax schools that simply go over the material page-by-page, our live review classes are designed to make more effective use of YOUR time. Outside of class you will learn the lesson in our online interface or watch a video. In the classroom your instructor will discuss the previous week’s material and review real-life case studies and answer student questions. In our Tax School you will be learning how to APPLY the tax knowledge you have studied. We have found this format much more beneficial to our students. 

With our new Live/Online Class, you get the best of an in-person classroom setting for review combined with the flexibility of online self-study classes. We know your time is important and we don’t want you to spend more time in class than absolutely needed.

Here’s How Our New Live/Online Class Works: 

  • All students will go to their local PRO-TAX office for the introductory class the week of September 23 to meet their instructor, review the initial lessons, and receive instruction on how to use the online classroom.
  • After the introductory class, students will study each week’s lesson through our online classroom at their own pace. You will return to the live class once per week to review the material, go over the homework assignments and answer any questions you have about that section. During the live classes, you will benefit from direct guidance from your instructor, interaction with other students, and practice preparing real tax returns.
  • When studying online, you have the flexibility to study the assigned lessons anytime/anywhere you have a computer with an internet connection. 
  • You will have phone and email access to your instructor during the entire course. You also can receive communication from our Tax School student message board.
  • The final exam for the course will be given on the week of December 16.

Important Note: You must have access to a computer and the internet outside of class to participate in Tax School.

Since not every PRO-TAX office is offering Tax School this year, please click here to see what’s available in your local area. If you have any questions, please check our online registration form, email us at info@protaxschool.com or call 1-800-809-2829 x4478.

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Who Registers Will Be Accepted For Tax School

I want to mention that not EVERYONE who registers for Tax School will be accepted. Unfortunately we have to turn away some students because they don’t meet our minimum level of competency. To qualify for a seat in our course, you must take the Tax School Basic Skills Assessment. After you submit your application, you will be directed to this short online quiz.  There is no passing score and we only use the results to make sure that everyone in the class has a basic understanding of reading and arithmetic.  We created the Tax School Basic Skills Assessment for YOUR BENEFIT. With this short, simple test, we make sure that all students are able to receive the most value from our course.

If for some reason you are NOT accepted to Tax School after taking the Basic Skills Assessment, you will be refunded 100% of the enrollment fees you’ve paid. 

A Professional Tax Education For Only $65…All Risk-Free And Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Last year, our Tax School was $139 (and was a “steal” at that price), but because professional preparers are in such high demand, we decided to drop the price to only $65…completely Risk-Free! We are so sure you’ll be happy with our Tax School that we give every student our “Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Our “Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee” is simple

“If our Tax School has not lived up to your expectations, OR you are unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict, OR you simply change your mind about your interest in our Tax School, we will refund your entire enrollment fee minus any previous reimbursements or refunds already credited.”

No other Tax School in the nation is willing to make such a strong guarantee! You have nothing to lose and a valuable education on income taxes to gain. PRO-TAX is taking 100% of the risk to make sure you are completely satisfied!

If you have been looking for a professional tax program, you might have to pay $300 to $500…or MORE to receive a comparable education…and most of those options offer no guidance from an experienced instructor.  Why pay more for less? You can get it ALL risk-free with PRO-TAX!

It Gets Even Better…Potential Reimbursement Of Your Entire Tax School Enrollment Fee!

If getting a great education completely risk-free isn’t enough incentive to sign up right now, PRO-TAX also offers a unique reimbursement program where you could recoup the entire cost of our class. If after the class, you are hired by PRO-TAX AND work a required number of hours, we will reimburse you for your entire enrollment fee. Your instructor will let you know all the details about this incredible program.  We cannot guarantee employment to any Tax School students but we can offer the same great opportunity to all who enroll in our classes.

So Don’t Wait…Enroll RIGHT NOW!

Here’s How You Apply For Our Risk-Free Tax School:

  1. Complete your application online at www.protax.com/TSapp. Then choose the option for “New Applicant.”
  2. If you already have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), go to the section labeled “Already Have A Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)?”  
  3. Choose your payment option and make payment. 
  4. After submitting your application, you will automatically be taken to the Tax School Basic Skills Assessment site.  After entering the login and password you chose during registration, you will be asked to take this quiz.   
  5. You will receive an acceptance phone call from the local PRO-TAX office manager who will be teaching your class. If the class you are registering for is already full you may be placed on a waiting list or given the option to attend another local class.
  6. All applications will receive a confirmation email or letter from the local PRO-TAX office manager.

Thank you for considering PRO-TAX’s Risk-Free Tax School. If you have any questions, please contact your class instructor or our Tax School Coordinator Tonya Test at - (school@protax.com) or 1-800-809-2829 ext. 4478.


John Going, Vice President of Operations PRO-TAX

PS. I hope you are excited about this great opportunity to become a professional tax preparer through our upcoming tax course starting the week of September 23rd. Register now while it is fresh on your mind. With our “Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee” you always have the option to request a full refund if your schedule changes or you decide our class is not right for you.